New PSU and MOBO and crashing like crazy

Hello mates!

i've a really serious problem and iam clueless as to the problem

i bought new parts(06/17/12) and build a new pc and i recycled some parts from the old pc

as i wrote in my specs asus mobo intel cpu 3570k psu corsair 750tx chassis lancooler pc-k63
5.16GB RAM g.skill

i used from my old pc gpu ati 4770 hd
2.2 hard drives [1.ssd 60gb 2.2TB WD caviar green]

here is the problem
about 2 weeks ago the pc started to suddenly restart
it happened without a warning while the pc was in idle mode
it just went POOF and started to restart himself several times but after 2 seconds restarted again and again and again in a non-stopping cycle

i shut down the pc waited a few minutes and plugged the psu cable again
this time the pc started loading fine but at the BIOS menu an alert showed saying
asus anti-surge was triggered.. i thought that maybe the cpu had over-heated or something of the sort
so i entered BIOS mode but saw that the temp were low
27C and the mobo was on energy saver mode
before i could do anything else the pc crashed again and started the endless restart cycle
after re-shutting it and pulling the cable out i tried to disconnect everything
i removed the WD HD, the gpu, the RAM, and re-plugged them all one by one
first the ram then the gpu
then i started the pc and everything worked out perfectly

only that again iam having the RESTART CYCLE issue
and i have no idea what to do!!!!
plus the external usb samsung drive is not working all that well... after a while it starts to beep and the icon disappear
i re-installed the whole drivers using the asus cd but that didnt help

after updating the firmware of the external HD and the bios and installing AIDA64 extreme edition and running all sort of test including prime 95 and furmark
i can safely assume this

while the pc is connected with 2 to 5 usb and voltage after some stress (caused by games or prime 95) start to drop
at first it will transmit 5 to 5.400 v on a normal base
but after the stress it will drop to 4.600V
and will crash

one time after it reached this low i've plugged another usb and the pc just crashed and wouldnt start till i plugged out all the usb i had(save for the microsoft keyboard and mouse wireless usb)

i also took the psu to a lab and they tested it for 2 min and said that its working great
of couse they didnt plug it to a mobo and a usb TO that mobo
or tried to stress the psu

but iam clueless as to the main problem
could this be a PSU problem or perhaps a MOBO problem???

plus i've noticed that unless i unplug the PSU and wait a few seconds/minutes the 4.680v will remain and not return to a normal 5v
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  1. Your PSU shouldn't behave like that. Why not test the system with another PSU?
  2. ok first off my bad
    after 2 hours or so i came back to check on my pc and the 5v returned to normal

    problem is i dont have another psu
  3. should the voltage on 5he 5v rail drop from 5v to 4.6 after lets say 5 hours of prime 95 running at blend tests?
  4. the 5v rail dropping to 4.6v is out of spec. You get 5% tolerance which is .25v (4.75 - 5.25v)
    Return the PSU.
  5. ok this is my pc after 24 hours of idle state
    the first pic is from AIDA 64 which is accurate exactly as the bios says..

    this second picture i dont really trust is from CPUID HWMonitor
    the 5v is ok but the 12 shows 6.97

    plus something that really bugs me but i dont know if its relevant or not
    my VGA port on my MOBO is not working...
  6. The 12v definitely can't be that low. You should use a DVM to measure voltages which should stay within specs, no matter if the system is idle or 100% busy.
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