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ok first things first im a complete biginner at pc gaming stuff and most the time i have no clue what all the RAM and bits mean but i have a nvidia geforce 9200 graphics card in my pc atm and im trying to play SWTOR but i dont think its gd enough so looking to upgrade and only got about £60-£70 to spend on a new one any ideas would be great. the pc i have is a packard bell bell imedia 2326 aio
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  1. whats your psu?
    if its above 400, you can get a 6670.
  2. tbh i dont have a clue what a psu is lol how would i find out??????
  3. the power supply unit
    you open up your case and look for something like this:
  4. ok just checked and it says not to exceed 250w so im guessing thats not a gd start lol is there any graphic cards that will run at that or will they be no different from what i have?
  5. well the card you can put in probably won't run SWtor.

    you might just need to upgrade your whole PC.
  6. find details on psu in the net it's only a 250 watts with a max of 18 amp on 12v
  7. rest of the pc seems fine i think lol just the card and psu but was thinking of this card though
    EVGA GeForce GT 520 PCI-E 2.0 Graphics Card - 1GB
  8. the 520 would not run swtor
  9. could u recommend a few plz so i no how much money i can wave gd by to????? :-D
  10. you can try the 6570, it will run swtor decently. might not run well on your psu.
  11. O right would this one be ok then if I up grade the psu aswell then Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6570 2GB GDDR3 PCI-E Graphics Card?
  12. just make shure that the new psu you want to buy have the same size of the old or it could not fit the case
  13. O yeah didn't think bout that lol il get the tape out then
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