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I want to build a system for day trading that uses eight 32 inch LED monitors. What do I need to build that would suit my trading needs specifically for trading only.
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  1. I'll need someone to back me up, but I believe you can grab a couple of AMD 7770s, and 4 Active miniDisplayPort to DVI adapters to drive 8 monitors. If the LEDs are all HDMI, you can easily pick up a bunch of DVI to HDMI cables to get them all connected. The resto of the PC doesn't have to be crazy.
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  3. Well, first up you need to define what you mean by 32" monitors. There's a big difference (potentially) between a 30" LED monitor and a 32" TV. I don't know of ANY 32" computer monitors and the 32" TV monitors come in a variety of resolutions.

    You just need any Eyefinity capable card. 6670 for instance:
    You would need three of those to do the trick, and a motherboard that will hold all 3.
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