I3 530 or Phenom X4 955BE

Hi all,

I wanted your guys' opinion which would be a better buy for me. I'm gonna mainly use it for gaming and don't wanna upgrade til next year.

option 1:
[CPU]intel core i3 530 2.93ghz
[MB] Asus p7h55-M LX LGA1156 h55
[RAM] 4gb ddr3 - 1600 G skill ripjaws X CL9
[hdd] 500gb WDC caviar blue 16mb sata 3 hdd
[gpu 1gb sapphire Radeon hd 6850 ddr5 (256 bit) pcie
[ATX] Thermaltake v5 Black edition
[PSU] cooler master 550 watts 80plus
[Cpu cooler] Cooler master CM [hyper tx3]

option 2:

Processor: AMD Phenom X4 955BE AM3
>CPU Cooler: V8 cooler Master HSF with controller
>Motherboard: 880gm -UD2h Gigabyte Motherboard
>RAM: 4gb Gskill CL7 1600 ddr3
>HDD: 320GB
>Video CardSappire 5850 1gb ddr5 256 bit (toxic) with
>DVD ROM: LG sata DVD rom 16x
>Powersupply: Silverstone PSU 80Plus bronze 600w
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  1. Best answer
    if between i3 530 and 955BE

    Off course 955BE... (don't know they still selling 1156 board)

    If u can get i3-2XXX then it will harder to chose..
  2. get the pheno 2 rig hich has a hd 5850 and abetter procewssor
  3. AMD FTW... that feels weird
  4. Alrighty. I will for the Phenom. Thanks guys! :)
  5. The Phenom II build also has a much better PSU and a stronger graphics card.
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