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January 6, 2002 12:06:47 AM

Anybody know anything about them? Just shooting in the dark via pricewatch looking for a decent built and burned Athlon XP system. THese guys have the right price and the right components. Thanks!

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January 7, 2002 4:45:44 PM

This companies computers are terrible. I found this site, and reffered them to my friend who ordered a computer from them. Good price, sure. It came in and he set it up. It wasnt working so i went over to try and fix it. I was very impressed, at them actually sending him the motherboard box etc. I told him to order the Asus A7m266 (i think that is the model number), and he did. He was also getting 768 mb RAM. The company had called him and told him that mboard didnt support than much, so they sent him a different one. AZZA. never heard of it. Well it turns out that the mboard supports up to 2gigs. There was also a problem between the monitor and vid card. I was able to fix that And the computer gave him a BSOD before it even got into windows. SO i said reformat. We did this by using the reformat disk that came w/ the comp. Well it still didnt work. Tried it again, and nope. So then i took one of my windows cd's and reformatted the old fashioned way. I was able to get windows to install(it came w/ ME, so i installed ME cuz he wanted ME) But then it came time to install drivers. He got an audigy right when they first came out. I was able to get all of the drivers to install fine, except for the audigy drivers. So his sound didnt work. so we said ok. Reformat. This time we used win 2k. Still no audigy. Reformat win 98se, still no audigy. Finally the company was able to help him (this is after 2 weeks of reformatting), and they get the audigy to work. Well, i talk to him about 2 weeks later, and he says he is going to send it back cuz it is constantly crashing. He sent it back, and he had to pay shipping
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If you notice, they also don't put brand names on fans/hard drives etc(or at least they didnt) I have to admit the case was pretty, but its not worth the trouble. Try piecing your own together. GO to, and order a mboard, ram, proc, heat sink, all together. They burn it in for several days. Then just buy your componenents.

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November 12, 2007 4:30:48 PM

I bought from Cyberpowerpc. Online order process was fine - play with the configurators - prices for the exact same end system fluctuated $300 depending on what system I started with. I got my system exactly as ordered on exactly the day they said it would come, and I paid less than any of my other options. The system itself is a screamer - Quad Intel 6850 processor, raptor boot drive, twin XFX 8800 GTX in SLI mode. I'm playing Bioshock at 1600x1080 widescreen and it is screaming along with no problems. I am very happy with the system, though I do have a few problems:
1. One of the hinges on the front door on my case was broken before shipping, but they sent it anyway. The door was taped, upside down, onto the front of the case - I removed the tape, and it fell off. I called support, and they are sending me a new hinge, so no big deal in the end.

2. The top panel headphone jack is just not connected at all. I have a Creative SB X-Fi board, and there are absolutely no wires leaving the board for the top panel. I could do this, assuming I can figure out how to get to the top panel, but kinda think I paid them to do it.

3. I have a front panel temperature and fan control panel. The temperature reads fine, but they never connected the fan controls. So, my front panel display says "Fan speed 0", and the fan control knob does exactly nothing. I can see the fan control cables, nicely wrapped, tucked up behind the front panel, but that's where they sit until I decide to install them - again, I kinda think I paid for that.

4. I have spoken with 3 people in support at Cyberpowerpc. The first guy sounded like I was bothering him, and eventually hung up on me - more than a little annoying. The other two people were perfectly acceptable, except for the fact that the last one helped me figure out problems #2 and #3 above - If I want them to fix it, I assume I have to ship it back.

Overall, I think I got a great performing system for a bargain price. I think the monitors they provided on their site were overpriced for the options, so I did buy my own monitor separately - HP x2207 - 22 inch widescreen, 2ms refresh, 1680x1050 $319.