Movies (CD-ROM/DVD) Freezes on Win2k


I've got an Athlon 1Ghz on the KT7-Raid motherboard, together with a Creative-GeForce2MX(AGP) videocard and Soundblaster Live!Value. The problem i'm experiencing is when i'm watching movie, no matter if its VCD/DVD(PowerDVD) or even Realplayer stream movies, the computer freeze after
10-15min. Does anyone know what's could be causing the problem? Could it be an incompatibility issue or just some driver issue?

Could anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. The other thing i forgot to mention was that the same problem occurs when i'm playing back files (.mpg, .dat...)
    It seems that i cannot be watching any movie files/disc for too long (no longer than 15-20mins), otherwise it will just lockup.

    Also when it freezes, everything else seems to be still working. e.g. music still playing, transfer still going...
    its just the mouse, keyboard, and the screen.

    I'm thinking this could be the video card problem! Creative GeForece2 MX (AGP) with the nVidia Detonator3 driver installed. Could this be the problem?
  2. Could it be a screensaver trying to kick-in, since it always seems to happen after the same amount of time?
  3. I haven't got any screen saver set, so it couldn't be the screen saver.

    This happens mostly when i'm playing some movie files, such as .mpeg or streaming .rm.
  4. which detonator version are u using?
    have u installed via agp driver?

    and check for agp fast write in bios setup...should be dissabled...
    with some detonator versions i have the same problem if fast write is on...
  5. Your problem was as mine was. its all wrapped in to the irq9 conflict go to the irq9 thread and you will see how to correct this. since i did the fix cxg gave me a hell of alot of problems cleared up.
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