Intel i5+hd4550 cannot play 1080p


My set up was

i5 750 @ stock + antec kuhler h2o 620
8gb ddr3 @ stock
seagate 7200rpm hdd
gigabyte h55 micro atx motherboard
antec neo eco 520w psu
nzxt mid tower case with good cooling
internet through 100mbps lan
dual monitor 1 x 1080p through dvi (main) and 1x 1280x1024 through vga


PNY gts 250 1gb which died yesterday

My current setup is all same but graphics card.
I subsituted it with gigabyte amd hd 4550 with 128mb ddr3 (total 512mb from system memory)

silverlight, amd newest driver, monitor driver installed.

However, the system cannot play 1080p smoothly from youtube(big buck bunny).

Is there possible reason why?

Slow graphics card?

Is it possible that antec liquid cooler damaged both my graphics card and other component? I checked around cooler and there seems to be no leak of liquid.

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  1. I would try with the second screen off(disabled). The 4350 and 4550 are not that fast(and MUCH slower then a gts 250 think of left 4 dead at 13 fps vs 146).

    I just gave a quick search for for big buck bunny and it seems to play on a 4350(think your card with slower memory) @ 1080p

    Also, i have not seen a 4550 with only 128mb of memory.
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