What's with all the double and triple posts?

Can some newbie explain to me why they feel it's necessary to double or triple post? Is your freaking question so important that it has to be posted multiple times or in multiple sections? 9 times out of 10, the post doesn't even contain a proper question or enough information to even attempt an answer. Try thinking before hitting the Submit button!

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  1. I have been known to double post on occasion when my browser decides to the visit the last url I was on after I close it even though I tell it to show me my home page.

    Sometimes I double post when I click on history rather than actually finding THG from my bookmarks.

    They are promptly deleted, mind you. But that's where my double posting comes from.

    Some posters get frustrated that nobody has responded to their thread after 5 seconds, so the like to scream it out like there's no tommorrow. So they post it twice in the hope someone will care.

    Some think that they didn't post it.

    Some don't know what the edit button does.

    Sometimes it's a forum software glitch.

    Sometimes, it's just an etc. error, because humans are rarely rational.

    Sorry if I sound mean, I'm frustrated too.
  2. Check the submission times for the multiple posts.
    I think most of the double posts are due to the slow forum software/database.
    A newly submitted topic will look as though it didn't 'take' and someone not familiar with slow software response will be tempted to hit the submit button a 2nd (or 3rd) time.
    So if you see multiple posts with time stamps that are identical, or nearly identical, it's the slow software tempting a 2nd click.

    The posting a topic in multiple sections is something else altogether.
  3. WR2 said:

    So if you see multiple posts with time stamps that are identical, or nearly identical, it's the slow software tempting a 2nd click.

    That seems to happen very frequently with first time posters.

  4. Down to the second - surely that has to be a Forum glitch?

  5. If I hadn't 'double-clutched' a few topics myself I'd say it was just a software/database glitch.
    But I know I've hit the submit button twice and had that same result.
    Not going to say it can't happen with one click, the software/database is amazingly complex (and buggy).
    But there are those times when you press submit and nothing seems to happen - pretty tempting to hit submit again.
  6. If they are almost the identical time, they are getting click happy, and it's being submitted multiple times. If there is a little time inbetween (such as 5 minutes), then they don't know how to find their original post, or are being impatient.
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