OC 3570k to 4.4GHZ

I OC my 3570k to 4.4 GHZ and got a max temp of 85c when i ran Prime 95 for 30 minuits. Are these good temps i am using a 212 EVO. Also if I want to OC to 4.5 GHZ what would be good voltage and temps I should expect?

IMAGE- http://tinypic.com/r/33u3drl/6
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  1. seeing as it runs at 3.4 at stock then 85C at full load is bad. Mine doesn't go above 63C with all cores at 3.6Ghz with the stock cooler (ambient room temp 22C).
    It got to 63C in about 20mins and stayed there for the next 40.
    I wouldn't go to 4.5Ghz if you hit 85C at 3.4
  2. this is hightemp. the sade is 60c at load
  3. Temps way too high to be considered good
  4. the 85C at 4.4 is because of your voltage, try applying an offset voltage. Mine does 4.3 at 1.1 volts, yours is at 1.248, try bringing it down to 1.15V and see if its stable. You must test for stability whilst reducing voltage if you want to manage temps and have cpu survive.
  5. Im sorry its 85c at 4.4 GHZ not 3.4 :D
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