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Realtek SLI Problem

I recently added a second 560 ti to my system but the nvidia control panel does not allow me to enable sli. The option simply isn't there. I looked around and it turned out that the realtek ethernet driver is to blame. When I uninstall the realtek driver and reboot, the sli option is there in the control panel but obviously this won't do since I need internet. Everytime I reinstall the realtek driver and reboot, the sli option goes away again. Im using a MSI p67a g43 mobo which utilizes a realtek 8111e chip. The current driver that I am using is 7.49.927.2011 and it is the newest one available on the msi website for the board. Some say to roll back the driver but that option isnt available since there's nothing to rollback to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

PS The Nvidia driver Im using is 290.53. The same issue occurs when using the 285s.
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  1. there is also the vista and xp driver with lower number
  2. Vista one didn't want to install.
  3. Do you have another pci-e slot available on your mobo?
    Try it again if there is and see if that resolves the problem.
  4. The board only has 2 pcie slots so I can't try it. It seems to be a common problem and most people roll back to an older realtek driver but I cant seem to find the oldest one available for the 8111e chipset. The realtek site is a giant mess and makes it very difficult to find what I need.
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    they got this one on asus Realtek 8111E LAN Driver for Windows 32/64 V7.31.1025.2010 you could try
  6. Thanks scout! That driver finally fixed the problem!
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