Need help hooking up fans... Newbie question

First off I want to say you guys here at Tom's are awesome. I've asked many questions over the past few weeks preparing for and putting together my first build. Every issue or problem has been solved and you guys are always so fast to reply. Without you guys I might not have ever decided to do this and learn to build my own PC. Now I know how and I probably would've overpaid at some "we will build you a custom PC" site. So thanks a lot for the generosity.

So my build is now nearly complete. Besides my video card that's on the way, the last things I have to connect are my case fans but I am having trouble figuring out where they go. Now the case I have is a NZXT Phantom 410 ( Mid Tower ) case. This case came with three pre-installed fans... one 120mm in front, one 120mm in back, and one 140mm fan on top. It also had all the case wires zip tied together, all of which I have plugged in except for these four two pin connectors which I assume are my fans but have no clue where they go.

The front panels PW+ and -, PW LED, Reset etc. are all connected. USB's connected, audio plug all that. The ONLY cables I have left are these little two pin connectors. I cannot find anywhere on my motherboard or a power supply cable that these plug into. Where exactly do I plug fans in? I see on the motherboard different spots that say SYS Fan1, SYS fan 2, and some of these have different plugs than each other but they're all male plugs and the plugs that I think are my fans are male as well so they can't go there.

One other thing is, there are two other spots in my case for 140mm fans, and one other spot for a 120mm fan. Now I want to use all of those spots and I've already ordered the fans. Now I can only find three different fan headers I guess they're called on my motherboard. How will I have a total of 6 fans hooked up? Will I be able to without buying some kind of adapter? Hopefully where I'm supposed to plug these in clears all this as I'd like to fill all the fan spots I can in my case.

Hopefully you guys can help me out with this newbie question so I can finish up! :) Ive attached a few pictures.

- Here is what the four connectors look like. Like I said they have two pins.

- I tried to get the inside, but don't know if you can see... it has 2 pins on one side

- How did i do with cable management for my first build? :)
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  1. Your links aren't working.
  2. did you use the fan controller that is on top of the case
  3. No my actual fans. I have three fans that were already in the case. I don't know where to plug them in at. but yes they are controlled by the buttons on top of the case which I think they're already plugged into.

    The fans wire runs down and plugs in the opposite end of this two prong plug that I tried to post pictures of. then the other end which is the side I am lost as to where to plug in.

    Where do fans usually plug in at? The MB or Power supply? And whichever, I need to know where usually. Everything else in my first build was easy as each plug matched the socket I needed to plug it into until I get to these damn fans... nothing matches it.

    EDIT: I uploaded the pictures to Tinypic, then copy'd the URL that it gave me when I uploaded. I then did add image and put in that URL. When I Previewed thread the links worked. Any suggestions on a site to upload to and what URL to use so I can get these pics up? I'll be glad to post them.

    I misread your post. yes I see wires coming from the fan controller. but then they come down with all the other case wires and plug into another plug. Then on the end of that plug is the two prong that I'm having trouble connecting. Do I have to connect this for them to work?
  4. do you made those files restrited with a password post one link back alone so if link work when you press it there will be underscore under
  5. " class="img lazy">

    Ok so, those are the ends. Now, they run all the way up to the top of my case, I guess where the fan controller is? The other end of this cable you see connects to another wire mid-way up. So Im' assuming I have to plug these into something right? Or are my fans already hooked up?
  6. those seem to me as 2 wire regular fan connector could you get a picture of the fan and the wire that conect to it
  7. Yes, give me just a second, I am going to post them on this message as soon as they're finished uploading.

    Here are the controllers:

    " class="img lazy">

    " class="img lazy">

    Ok here is where the other end of the two prong connects to:

    " class="img lazy">
  8. be around for another 15 minutes then bed time
  9. They're up I am going to post one more close-up of what it plugs into.

    Thanks a lot for your help man i really appreciate it. here's the last one... close up of what it plugs into.

    " class="img lazy">

    So as you can see the other end of the two prong, plugs into that little plug. But, the end that isn't plugged into anything... I can't find anything that looks like what the other side plugs into. Does that make any sense?
  10. that litle plug also got 2 wires all the fan that came with the case are plug what the case manual says for the fan control could be only switching them on and off if the got only 2 wires
  11. Did you say all of the fans are already plugged in? I didn't understand what you meant. Also, if I want to install more fans where do I plug them in?

    Thanks a lot for the help Scout
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