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High temp amd 965?

Hi, i have bought a new pcu today. I think that the temperature is too high for him. In idle the temp is 49 degrees Celsius. With a little work its 54 degrees and in games like gta iv its become 65 degrees easily.
Im using arctinc cooling freezer 64 pro as fan for the pcu, and thermaltake v3.
What can be the the problem?
and now, after short use the sound card sometimes not working well.
The pc was composed in the shop.
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  1. 49 idle is a little bit on the high side for a package temperature but not at all bad for a die temperature with a stock cooler.
  2. Well, that Freezer pro I would say is worse then the stock cooler the comes with the 965, I would use a different cooler,

    if your gonna keep the CPU at stock, use the stock cooler, its not really that bad, loud it can be, but some ppl like to

    OC and have their system insanely quiet.

    I would recommend the corsair H60 for silent system. The Noctua for mild OCing and the H100 Push/Pull for high OC's but

    wont fit in that v3, I had to make a custom bracket for my Thermealtake v9 to fit the h100.
  3. Thanks for answers.
    The cpu is tray ver. I dont have the stock cooler.
    My previous cpu (amd 6000 +) was at 25 degrees with this cooler.
    I will try another fan.
  4. If your in the market for a decent cooler, try this

    Really good cooler for the price.
  5. Hi :)

    NEW cooler time....

    All the best Brett :)
  6. And what about the sound? When the cpu become hot there is no bass or no sound at all.
  7. That cooler I posted should be near silent even at full speed, 36dBA will make a lil sound, but I could bet that the video card would be louder. I only used this cooler in a clients computer I was working on, vary quiet on the Phenom II 955 at 4ghz, full load the cooler did make some noise but wasn't loud enough to interrupt a tv show and max temp was around 56c if I remember right.
  8. Hi,
    what do you think about Thermaltake BigWater A80?
    And he is suitable for my pcu?
  9. who cares about the noise *** m running my amd 965 at 3.9.ghz on stock cooler
    and maximum temps are 56c.
  10. I don't really care about the noise. i just want something good, But of course not something too noisier.
    my options are Thermaltake BigWater A80
    Scythe Ninja 3 RevB
    Thermaltake Contac 16
    Corsair Air Series A70/50
    Arctic Cooling דגם Freezer 13 PRO / OC
    Noctua NH-U9B SE2
    which do you think is the best for me? im going to do OC and i have thermaltake V3 so i need something that will not block the option for the fans upside
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    The Noctua NH-U9B SE2 would be the best out of all of em next to the Thermaltake BigWater A80. But you got to take in consideration how big the Noctua is, and if you have big ram heat sinks, you may have an issue mourning the noctua to the board.

    Thermaltake BigWater A80 does not need much room, but can get loud at full speed if its anything like the Corsair H80.

    The Corsair A70 isn't bad, but the mounting for that cooler on AMD boards the fans would have to be straight up and down taking in the heat from the video card and blowing out the top of the case, can't turn it around on AMD boards.
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  13. Thank you!
    I'll buy one of them tomorrow and will update you.
    i think that i will buy the Thermaltake BigWater A80 because I have an empty space for more chassis fan so i will put the fan's cooler in there.

    Oh i almost forgot, what can cause the problem with the sound card? maybe its happend because the cpu/pc was warm?
  14. On Board Sound? And are you using the front or back audio jacks? Might just be a driver issue or media player or what ever program your using to play sound with, or is it just any sound?

    But what does it do to be exact?
  15. board sound, back audio jacks. I played a game and suddenly its didn't work well, the sound was weak. And once when its happened i've tried to play GTA IV and i've got error that said that the game requires sound card.
  16. hmm, Try getting a different driver for it if its possible
  17. ok i will check it again. which one is better: CoolerMaster Hyper N520 or Noctua NH-U9B SE2 and which one is smaller?
  18. Noctua NH-U9B SE2 is better by a long shot.
  19. i have just installed the Thermaltake BigWater A80. first, he is very noisy.
    the temps are 41~ idle, and 45 now while surfing on the internet. its fine?
    maybe i should replace him with the Noctua NH-U9B SE2 but im not sure if i can after i used him..

    the CPU reached 58 degrees only from an light game as dungeon defenders

    is it normal??

    I'm playing now BF3 on the highest graphics and the max temp is 55 degrees. Is that OK?

  20. Why its so hot? i thought that i will be able to do OC but its hot even on stock
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