Fan ticking with mobo but not psu

I have a asus p33 motherboard that when the fans are connected to the mobo they tic and are slows down alot. When tested these fans are fine on other machines its this motherboard. I checked the settings in the bios and theres no way to turn off the fan speed controls completely. these are delta fans that are suppose to be hurricanes but same with other generic (coolmaster thermaltake ect...) 80-120mm fans. The only thing i can think of is the board isnt putting the required volts for even the most basic of fans. thoughts ideas? (yes ive got the latest bios)
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  1. Its intel G33 i mistyped
  2. Is it an Asus MB with G33 North Bridge chipset? Need to know the part number for the motherboard. Some MB controll fan speed and turn the fans down when you system is not hot and then speed them up when more cooling is needed. Don't know if you have this kind of MB or not.
    and it seems to do so and no way to turn it off in bios. Im somewhat sure the fans are spinning to slow 800-1100 on a 3800+ delta fan even does it on a 1200 rpm 120mm fan
  4. The MB specs do not mention fan controlls. The photo of MB show at least 2 fan connectors. I do not know this MB so can not help much.
    IN General:
    fan with 2 wires just runs.
    fan with 3 wires runs and reports fan speed on third wire.
    fans with 4 wires are speed controlled by PWM, Pulse Width Modulation. They are not running on 12 Volts DC. They are running on 12 V that is turned on and off very fast to set speed. Some Bios have minimum setting for CPU fan speed that can be adjusted up.
    If you want more speed, hook it to PSU 12V and it will run at Max RPM.
    It sounds like your MB is working properly and is just slowing the fan down.
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