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I have two XFX HD Radeon 6950s in my current build.

I tried going to the lastest drivers back in December and during the installation when the display goes off, it never came back on. I waited 10 minutes then restarted the computer and display was all good so i thought nothing of it.

I didnt start gaming until now because of work and noticed that even on ULTRA in Skyrim (crossfire turned off since not supported) it looks awful. Before it looked amazing 35-40 fps but now it looks like it is LOW.

Also the old republic looks better on my NVS4200m card while on my laptop....

I tried installing the driver again, same thing happened screen goes blank and never comes back. Rolled back to older driver however that didnt really seem to be much of an improvement.

I am thinking i need to reseed the card(s) and clean uninstall/reinstall drivers (already tried without reseeding and i got a veryyyyy weird contrast on my whole screen, very dark blue could not see anything had to run in safemode and reinstall drivers) from but i want to see if anything else has any input... they are a pain to get out because i have a sound card in between them

Any info is greatly appreciated and thanks ahead of time!
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  1. screenshot please.
  2. What are the rest of your system specifications?
  3. this sounds like an issue i had about a month ago,did you use a registry cleaner?cccleaner etc....I did for the 1st time(too bored i guess,stupid me)
    If I remember correctly,i had to do a windows repair,registry cleaners and ATI do not like each other.they actually delete some windows files that ATI uses.

    so give a repair a try!
  4. dont have screenshots as of now amuffin but if i get the contrast thing again i will make sure to get one.

    System specs are

    ASUS crosshair form V
    Phenom x6 1090t
    8 gigs gskill ram
    1200 watt corsair gold+ psu
    crucial m4 128 sata 3 ssd
    3 other hard drives
    asus xonar 7 card

    think thats everything

    Earnie i will def try that
  5. and no earnie i did NOT use a registry cleaner, sorry read ur comment wrong haha
  6. Have you tried the latest beta drivers? I am running the AMD Catalyst 12.1a preview drivers and am not having any problems with any of my games including Skyrim runs great and textures are very good.

    Is there a specific reason you are needing drivers from December?
  7. 12/13/2012 are the newest released drivers, i can try the beta drivers though and see if that helps
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