Video card upgrade for my dell inspiron 530 with woindows 64 bit installed

I have been racking my brain trying to find a video card for my dell inspiron 530.
my specs are intel core 2 duo 2.2 GHZ, 4 gigs of ddr2 667 ram
windows 7 64 bit. My video is stock onboard. My board is a dell G33M02 produced by foxconn. I cannot play my games on it since i put windows 7 64 bit on it. My current onboard video is intel G33/G31 Express chipset family. I am on a low budget to get a video card for this pc that is compatible with my board and that will work with windows 7. I play games like wizard101 wow and gta pc games. What is the minimum i would need for these games. All help would be appreciated. Thank you to all.
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  1. What size is your PSU? Most likely case would be a GT 220 or the GT 430 and if your case is slim line then it would have to be a low profile card. And even then you won't be able to play the games very well. Also need the resolution you are playing at.
  2. My PSU is a 300 wsatt that is in it, but i have a 550 that I can put in it.
  3. The monitor is the stock dell 22 inch that came with it. The game I play i have the resolution at 1080 now but it is adjustable in the game.
  4. How do i find out if my board is a PCIe 2.0 or not? Thank you for the help with this. I plan to build a decent pc for gaming in a few months.
  5. I just moved my Inspiron 530s to a new case and did some other upgrades, it is a normal MicroATX board and does have PCIe 2.0. However, the cards that you would want for a Core 2 Duo couldn't bog down PCIe 1.0x16 slots.
  6. What card would you recommend for light gaming use, like gta for pc and wizard 101? what dirext x does this board support? I need direct x 9.0 or better for the games I play. Thank you all for the info and help sofar.
  7. DirectX is done by the GPU, not motherboard, so that won't be a problem. 300w PSU is a little shady though (I had the slim version of your computer, so mine had a 250w TFX Power supply). I bought an Antec Neo Eco on Newegg for $50, which is a great price for a pretty high quality PSU. But just how light of gaming do you do? If its light enough you could get by with an HD 6450 (cheapest 6000 series card and not great 3D card, I have its older baby brother for the time being, the 5450) without a PSU upgrade.
  8. I also have a 550 watt power supply to put in it that is new
  9. That's great, that opens up the options a lot! If you can wait a month and have $130 the HD 7750 looks promising (to me at least, I don't care about playing BF3 at ultra settings lol) and the HD6770 is a pretty reasonably priced card right now. You can snag one on Newegg for around $100. You could always go lower depending on your budget though, the 6570 and 6670 aren't great 3D cards but they are reasonably priced and would certainly be an upgrade over the Integrated graphics
  10. The only reason I need a video card is because when i put windows 7 64 bit on it I lost my video driver and cannot find it anywhere at all. My video works for general browsing but my direct x is gone because I dont have the driver for it.
  11. You lost the whole Intel Driver or just the DirectX? Microsoft has a DirectX repair install somewhere on their website (would take some searching) and it would install it, or you could go on Intel's website and DL the driver for your GPU if that's whats missing. If you can get by with integrated, then there is no reason to buy an ultra powerful GPU.

    If you only care about getting a new GPU and don't need ultra high 3D performance than the 6450 would be fine:
  12. How do i find out what gpu i have in my pc, i know it is onboard and the chipset is a intel(R) G33/G31 express chipset family. There is an error that says not enough resources to run it. How do i find the driver for this pc but for windows 7 64 bit?
  13. Alright then you have an older version than mine since I have a G45/G43. That means you probably have a GMA 3100. (I'm not all that familiar with Intel GPUs though, so don't quote me on that). But this insanely long ling should take you to the Intel Download page for G33 graphics drivers:
  14. ty i will be right back and let you know the results. Also when i reboot my pc after downloading the drivers it reverts back to the state it was before the driver was installed.
  15. The driver that is on there is the same as what is in my pc now
  16. Did you DL the version for Win7 64? If you did then it's the right driver, and its probably a DirectX problem. Type dxdiag into the Start Search box or run command and hit enter. Go to the page that says "display" and see if anything says disabled or if it finds any problems.
  17. My gpu worked fine when xp pro and vista was on it but it went haywire when 7 was installed. How do i find out what gpu is onboard
  18. It should be fine. Only thing I can think of now is your DirectX got messed up. Try this: That should repair your copy of Direct X. UNLESS you don't have Service Pack 1, that would update it as well.
  19. Vettedude said:
    I just moved my Inspiron 530s to a new case and did some other upgrades
    Pictures :)

    Vettedude said:
    I bought an Antec Neo Eco on Newegg for $50, which is a great price for a pretty high quality PSU.
    Missed the deal ? Got a couple for $40 apiece the other day.

    Playing around with recycling a Dell case

  20. delluser1 said:
    Pictures :)

    Missed the deal ? Got a couple for $40 apiece the other day.

    Playing around with recycling a Dell case

    Yes I did, but I still got it on sale. I, like normal, waiting around too long. UGH. Really sharp looking PSU's though by the way, I was surprised for the price. My cables are still really messed up though, cables are not my specialty
  21. it tells me that there is no manufacture, chip type, dac type, apprx total memory avaliable That is under device box.
    Directx features box says not availiable on all 3. Drivers are blank and unknown in that box
  22. Sounds like your DirectX is corrupted some how. Do you have Service Pack 1??
  23. yea i do have service pack 1 installed on it. Thank you for all the help.
  24. I have the direct x updating now it has almost 10 mins left until done.
  25. It still is not working. Could it be that i used a recovery disk from a toshiba laptop to put windows 7 64 bit on my pc? The toshiba is a amd too, could there be any conflict from that?
  26. Wait you don't have a Win 7 license?
  27. It is a recovery disk from my toshiba laptop
  28. Not good. No wonder you are having problems. You need to put back in the one that you have a license for. Then start over.
  29. im waiting for one from dell, i ordered one the other day.
  30. rightone1974 said:
    im waiting for one from dell, i ordered one the other day.

    You will have to wait to get a proper Windows OS with a product key. The recovery disk is only tied to your laptop and nothing else. In other words it is not speaking the same language.
  31. so when i get the recovery disk from dell i would be ok then. My hard drive crashed after I put 7 on it.
  32. Well the recovery disk isn't really a license. Click Start Menu, right click Computer, scroll down and look at Windows Genuine Advantage. Is your copy activated?
  33. Ok have you bought a Windows 7 64 bit disk with a product key? I don't mean a recovery disk. In order for a recovery disk you have to have Windows 7 disk and a product key to actavate your windows. If you don't then that recovery disk isn't going to do you any good.
  34. yea i already bought a windows 7 disk i just ordered a few parts to get the pc going right, i ordered a new dvd/rw because mine went out on me and i dont have any sata drives for it, only ide ones.
  35. I totaly understand I would be the same way. But you have to wait in order for this to be right or other wise nothing is going to work right and you could be footing a bill for more parts. When everything is said and done then come back and revisit this and we all will be here to help. I do wish you the best
  36. thank for all the help on here.
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