Radeon HD 6670

Is the 300W Dell ATX PSU that comes with Inspiron 530 enough for running the Radeon HD 6670 on this system?

ASUS Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5
4gb ddr3 1333 RAM
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  1. According to AMD it requires a min 400w PSU but sometimes that is not the case. If you can look at your PSU and look for the numbers on it. It will look like this 12v 5v 3.3v it will show watts and amps like the total of the 3 I just showed you and it will tell you if you have two 12v rails.

    If you can get me those numbers I will be able to tell you if that PSU will work. In most cases it will work but we have to make sure.
  2. 6670 pulls ~75-95 watts.
  3. You have two things working in your favor:

    #1 - Dell under rates their PSU so their PSU are actually slightly more power than what they list,

    #2 - The HD 6670 uses less power than the HD 5670. The HD 5670 has no problems with a good 300w PSU (especially from Dell), therefore, neither will the HD 6670. Maximum power consumption is 58w.

  4. I agree with jaguarskx, the Dell PSU's are really actually decent, and the 5670 and 6670 are very power efficient. If it can run on some generic crappy PSU from HP (I've tried it), it should work better on a better Dell PSU.
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