System is running very slow...please help me..........

Hi friendzzz;
I've a desktop (250 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, Core 2 Duo processor ). My system was running very well before 10-12 days, but after that its speed went down too much. It's taking too much starting time. when i copy some item from one folder to another or one drive to another it takes so long time (file size of 500 MB takes few seconds to copy before now time converts to 5-8 minutes ).
I've checked for virus, registry, temp folders but problem is remain same...

Please help me

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  1. 500mb in a few seconds? You are kidding me right?

    5-8 minutes is pretty normal.
  2. I am Not kidding Even i am copy from one drive to another not from external source. Before some time I copied whole drive data(approximately 22 GB) with in 18-20 minutes. and why Its starting time is too much.
  3. Try defragmenting your harddrive if you are installing/uninstalling programs. You can also try "disk cleanup". Are you downloading a lot of things off the internet?
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