Constant wireless signal loss

Hi all,
I'm extremely annoyed by a wireless issue I'm constantly having. Here is the situation.

My setup:

I have DSL connection.
My modem is TP-LINK TD-8816B.

My modem is plugged in my wireless router, a netgear WNDR3700v2 updated to the latest firmware.
My wireless router is wired to a Homeplug (in).
I have 2 other homeplug (out); one connected to my apple TV and another connected to my home PC.

I have 2 laptops connected on the router's wifi, both at approximately 5 meters of the router. One laptop has Windows 7, the other Vista.
I also connect through my iphone, my wife's iphone and my ipad.

The issue:
Randomly (I think), my wireless signal goes away. When this happens, I can confirm that my apple TV and my desktop PC are still connected (through homeplug) so I know that the router is actually "bridging" the modem signal. It seems to only be the wireless section that goes down.

There's three ways to fix it:
1) Wait a little bit, a couple of minutes, it ends up working
2) Go to Network and Sharing Center and click on the X between my home icon and the net (so local does work but not internet). It "auto solves" many times and fixes the issues
3) Sometimes (it's happening more lately), I don't even have local connection (cannot access router's page) so the only way to fix it is turn off my router and turn it back on

This is getting EXTREMELY annoying. It used to be once every couple of days, now it's many many times a day. It can happen once or twice per hour and it drives me nuts!

I don't know what to do. I'm ready to reset everything, factory switch everything, whatever you think could help. I have IP and DNS at auto assign. It assigned my router IP to for some reason instead of

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  1. If the malfunctions are occurring at more frequent intervals, it may be time to replace the wireless router.

    Go with Linksys. They have many N routers to choose from. Get one with a USB port for storage and access of data files over your network.
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