I5 2500k or i5 3750k? What one is better for overclocking?

So was messing with my computer day after going to Oral Surgeon ([sarcasm]great idea huh[/sarcasm]) and accidentally killed it. Problem is I'm CO of a Air Cavalry Platoon for Planetside 2 and Beta is due any day now so I'm gotta get another machine up n running as soon as physically possible.

These are 2 I'm considering between though I'm definitely leaning towards getting the 3570k. How do each of them perform with overclocking and such? Is it worth even considering the 2500k or do I go straight for the 3570k? I won't be overclocking until I build a new machine in about a year or 2 but when I do I want it to perform at least admirably next to my other one which'll be a bit over the top (for doing LAN's and such). Don't worry I can figure out the rest of the components simply wanted a quick bit of advice on CPU's as its the bit I'm probably rustiest with and when spending this much money it's usually a decent idea to ask for a bit of advice. Like my quote says (even though I needed to shorten it) "When you know it is polite to ask, when you don't it is the rule".

i5 3570K (link) $239.00
i5 2500k (link) $229.00
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    I don't get your sig lol..
    Anyway, I'd get the i5 3570 unless you want to OC above 4.5 GHz. That's about the max for ivy bridge with "normal" (I know normal is subjective but you get it) cooling solutions. With sandy you could get to 5.0 GHz with some luck. Bear in mind ivy is a little faster at the same clock speed so a lower clock speed of perhaps 300 MHz gives very comparable performance.
  2. I have both and i honestly prefer i5 2500k but most like i5 3570k
  3. Yeah that sig ain't showing up on my computer? Dafuq? It's this :
    My Planetside 2 Air Cavalry Platoon (definition link) Was gonna put Planetside 2 Air Cavalry Platoon on it but it didn't look right with too much text. Figured anyone eager enough on Planetside 2 to join a Platoon pre beta would recognize a Reaver so didn't bother. Gonna redo all the sigs after Beta's out and can make them with our own screenshots and stuff like that.

    Thanks for that man I'll go with the 3 series. Found a overclocking guide then for the 3 series that's very straightforward even for a beginner. 4.5 should be more than fine as I'm gonna be replacing the comp in a year or 2.

    Thanks for that chaps. Was more posting this in case some tech fiend went "oh *** no stay away from the 3570k" or something like that. Very much appreciated.
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