How do you test hardware conflict before building?

Kind of a general question.
How do you choose the parts to avoid hardware conflicts?
Or how do you know which parts are most compatible?
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  1. cpu's are made for specific families of motherboard socket .

    intels socket 1155 or AMD's socket AM3+ are current examples

    motherboards/processors have specific abilities and requirements for RAM voltage and frequency

    Almost everthing else has standardized connectors , like SATA for hard drives and DVD drives , or pci-e x16 slots for graphics cards
  2. One increasingly common problem is that a newly released CPU may not work in an older motherboard without a BIOS update.

    Motherboard manufactures also publish a QVL (Qualified Vendor List) of compatible memory (memory that has been tested to work with that motherboard. That does not mean that other memory will not work. It just means that it was never tested.

    Power supplies also need to be appropriately sized.

    Builder reviews can also give you a lot of information.

    Then there's us. If you have questions, ask. Chances are someone here has built a similar system or can tell you why he didn't.
  3. Is Intel processors usually more compatible with nvidia graphics cards?
    and AMD better with ATI? or it doesnt matter?
  4. joshyua said:
    Is Intel processors usually more compatible with nvidia graphics cards?
    and AMD better with ATI? or it doesnt matter?

    It doesn't matter. You just want to pick an appropriate combination where neither is severely bottlenecking the other.
  5. If you look in Articles on Tom's main page you will see hardware reviews for systems and individual parts as well. Maybe these will help you decide on what parts to choose for your budget or intended uses for your computer. Here is just one example.,3163.html
  6. i have intel i5 760 processor and Radeon HD5850 graphics card...
    what about these?
  7. What about them? What's the question?
  8. the i5 760 needs a socket 1156 motherboard
  9. DelroyMonjo said:
    What about them? What's the question?

    well i have those 2 parts, with MSI p55-cd53 motherboard. my graphics driver is at the most current one.
    i have been getting occasional blue screen (which hasnt happened recently) of "driver stuck in infinite loop", which after research, might have been a hardware conflict, since my graphic driver is up to date.
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