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Hi everyone! Here's the thing, After I've cleaned up my computer this morning powered it on, then a single beep but doesn't go into Windows. I'm able to get into bios/uefi and it can detect all of my ram, cpu, odd and hdd. I've removed the gpu, powered it on again and the result was still the same. Then I removed the hdd and displayed something about that there is no boot device which is I think is pretty normal. I don't what the problem is, which you'll help me.

The specs are:
WD Caviar Blue 320gb
4gb x 2 G.Skill 1333mhz (without heatsinks)
Power Color HD 6770
Seasonic m12-ii 520w 80 plus bronze
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  1. Cleaned up how?

    After the single beep, only black screen? Or do you see the Windows logo?

    Do you have anything bootable around? A Windows install DVD, a memtest CD, an Ubuntu live CD or something like that? You could try to boot into that just to see what happens.
  2. a single beep occurs on normal successful boot up. what exactly do you mean by "doesn't go into windows"? what is on the screen?
  3. Just wiped out the dust from the inside of the case and fans.

    It's all good now, I just forgot to plug the 6-pin pci-e connector from the psu to the graphics card. What happened exactly is, it does a single beep then shows the ASUS logo after that it seems to restart and does a single beep again. If I keep on pressing DEL I can access the bios and there it can detect all of my hardware. I'm thinking maybe its the pci-e connector that was left hanging that caused the problem.
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