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Help choosing good gpu for eyefinity?

my budget is not great, about $400NZ (approx $350 US) my eyefinity resolution will be 3840x1024. i like to be able to max my games settings so the more power the better. i currently have a HD4890 on one screen at 1280x1024 and its perfect, except for lack of dx11 and eyefinity. so if anyone knows of a card (or pair of) that can keep an average fps the same as or more than a 4890 at 3x the resolution, i would be very grateful! :D

dx11 is preferable, thanks in advance!
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  1. 6970. or wait until 7950.
  2. im looking at a 2nd hand HD5970, good idea?
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    The problem with the 5970 is it's 1GB of addressable VRAM. This is a major bottleneck at Eyefinity resolutions, especially in newer games like BF3.

    I'd shoot for a 6950 2gb now with the idea of adding a 2nd down the road. The 7950 will launch Jan31 but it's going to be a $450 dollar card.
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