Why isn't my PC performing

i have just recently built a computer that i had hoped that it would game beautifully, but i was wrong! I can't find the problem and i need help!

I have a....
AMD FX-6100 Zambezi 3.3GHz Socket AM3
HD radeon 6850
gskill ripjaw 4gb

I just don't understan why programs lag and everything. I try game recording and it lags! It has 6 cores and i was forced to overclock it to 3.6ghz because i was unhappy with the lag i was getting.

plz help!
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  1. You are pretty much expected to overclock an FX CPU if you are going to subject it to heavy load, especially since you bought one over an i5.

    I suppose you could be running out of memory and the gpu isn't high end but if overclocking fixes it that's not it. what's the problem? Just overclock it
  2. Like i don't know what the problem is! I bought this pc for mainly video recording because i saw how many cores it has. I can run games but they aren't at the best settings. I had a duo core PC before this and everything loaded up faster and smoother. Now it's just a waiting game.
  3. what programs lag ?........... what opsys and 32 or 64 bit ?
  4. Hi :)

    You NEED more ram....and a better graphics card...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. if it under 30 days send the cpu and mb back..pay a restocking fee and then pick up an intel cpu. if not make sure you have the newest bios on the mb..if you have an ssd make sure you have the firmware on that updated and are using the newest mb chipset drivers. also use cpu-z and see what speed your ram is running at on a pc you have to turn on xmp profile to get your ram to max out. on an amd mb you might have to tweek the dram speed. the spd tab on cpu-z will show you the max speed you ram can run at and it voltage.
  6. I have windows 64bit. Some problems i have is with minecraft and rift.
  7. my next thought would have been the ram settings and whether or not you had enough.......

    you anti AMD guys need to take a hike. it's not helping fix the problem. regardless of what he's running the computer shouldn't lag or spit and sputter without reasonable explanations.
  8. Thanks morgan for backing me up :P lol....
    AMD isn't that bad, i was just expecting more out of this PC build. Also, i had a windows 7 installation CD from my Dell pc. It includes the drivers for dell in it. Can that be the problem? Plus the ram?
  9. dell os image...bloatware....if you just installed it if you dont mine formatting your hard drive try the free windows 8 beta and see if your games play better then the dell image. (just make sure you download the newest mb and other drivers onto a usb stick so that when you install windows 8 you have them.
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