Radeon Eyefinity Help Please!!!!

Hi Everyone, really hope somebody can offer me some advice on Eyefinity.

MY Computer Setup is as follows:

Asus p8p67 Deluxe Motherboard
Intel i5 2500 Sandybridge Processor
Corsair Vengeance 16gb Ram
Radeon 5850 HD Graphics card

My monitor Setup is :
2 x iiyama Prolite e2473HDS 24" LED Monitor
1x LG E2240 22" LED Monitor

The problem im having is with eyefinity. Firstly, i cannot get three monitors to work on my computer, i know that this may seem like a schoolboy error, but can anyone please tell me how a displayport works and which one i should buy? (Any pictures would be MASSIVELY appreciated)

Also, can anyone explain to me how EYEfinity works (or how i get it to work)!!! :(

These may be schoolboy things that i should know, however, i have had my setup for over a month now and am desperate to make use of it to its full capacity!

Thank you in advance!!!!!
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  1. Display Port is like HDMI, but has a different connector. It can allow for higher bandwidth than HMDI(...I think).

    Well, none of your monitors have Native DP... So you will need to buy an ACTIVE DP adapter. Newegg has an XFX and a Sapphire for around $30 that will work. I personally used the Sapphire with no issues... just search for it on Newegg. Make sure you buy the right kind of adapter.... i.e. DP->DVI or MiniDP->DVI..

    Once you have them all connected your PC will identify each monitor. Go into your CCC and it will show you how you can configure Eyefinity... you can choose 3x1 or 1x3... it shows pictures(kind of hard to mess up). It will then ask you what Monitor is in the middle, left, and right.... then it will ask you if you would like to calibrate for Bezel Compensation.

    This is all pretty straight forward... it gives you step by step setup. First things first, you need to buy that ACTIVE Adapter...
  2. The eyefinity FAQ on the AMD website states you can only power up to 2 monitors off of a single gpu and you will need to have an an active mini display port adapter for the third. I, also, have been using a $30 dollar adapter from newegg with no issues. And like jdenova007 said, once catalyst control center detects all 3 monitors the setup of eyefinity is quite simple.
  3. Which 5850 do you have?

    most of these will work (ignore "mini")~


    Key words here: Active displayport to DVI (assuming you're using a monitor that uses DVI)

  4. Ok, ive purchased the correct displayport, and i have eyefinity working on two screens now, im assuming that it will be plain sailing from here on, thanks for all the help!!! :) much appreciated!
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