Newly built pc wont wake from sleep properly

So i recently built a new system and notice that only sometimes it doesnt wake from sleep properly (usually only when its been asleep for a while, like overnight) I have my monitor hooked up through the HDMI input on my 6850 and what happens is the computer seems to wake up fine (all case lights/fans come one etc.) but on my monitor it shows "no hdmi signal" also I notice on my keyboard the caps lock/num lock buttons arent lit up solid but will blink when I hit keys on the keyboard. After a reboot (by holding down the power button) everything is working fine. This only seems to happen when the computer is asleep for longer periods of time, if I only leave the desk for an hour or so she wakes up fine but twice now its happened after leaving her on over night.

Thanks for any help!

in another thread someone mentioned it coud be a driver issue: (quote by user:bryonhowley):
bryonhowley said:
That is usually caused by a driver not responding correctly to the wake up state. The first thing I would check is to make sure you have the latest drivers for all your hardware including chipset/motherboard drivers.

to which I replied:
Anonymous said:
I actually just did that last night, I have an asrock mobo and just spent time last night on their site making sure all mobo drivers were up to date. I have the latest Catalyst so I dont think its the gpu drivers. Arent all chipset drivers installed through the mobo website or should I go to intel?

My setup:
Core i5 2500k
His iceq turbo 6850
Asrock faitality z68 professional gen3
Gskill 4GB x2
DVD/RW drive
windows 7 64bit

All mobo and chipset drivers have been downloaded from the asrock website as far as know. am I missing something? Is there another place for these drivers? I verified I have the latest ati catalyst as well.

Thanks again for any help!
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  1. i had this problem, and for me it wasn't the graphics drivers, or any drivers at all!

    have you OCed your CPU? because if you have turned PLL overvoltage ON then sleep mode (S3 to be specific) will not recover properly. to have sleep running properly you need to have PLL overvolaltage OFF.

    I hope this helps, this solved it for me and i think that we have/had the same issue.
  2. I have not OCed yet but plan to. I just built it so I wanted to give it a week or 2 or "burn in" time before I started overclocking. I actually had another problem with my network controller disappearing from my device list and when I googled for a fix for that I stumbled across someone else that had the same problem here: The first post is the same exact issue I had with my network controller and if you scroll down to his second post you will see under "Windows 7 does not like waking up from sleep" that is the EXACT same problem I was having in the OP.
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