Choice for gaming rig?

hey everyone, i cant decide between these three PSU's?

Antec HCG-520w
Seasonic S12II 520w
OCZ ModXstream pro 600w Modular

I like the modular(ness) of the OCZ but im totally unsure.

Can not spend any more than $99 on (only on that site please)

My rest of build:

i5 3570k
1tb Seagate Barracuda
Cm Storm Enforcer
Asrock z77 Extreme4
Corsair Vengeance 8gb
Cm Hyper212EVO

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  1. The HCG and S1211 are both made by seasonic, they're specs are VERY similar.

    I think the only major differences is the Antec fan, it's MUCH quieter.
  2. So you would reccomend the Antec of the three? Is the OCZ good, because i would rather get a modular PSU.
  3. The OCZ does not even compare to the Antec and Seasonic offerings.

    I personally recommend the Antec one, well this is because I own the HCG 620W. But, either one will serve your needs.

    Modular doesn't really make a difference in cable management.
  4. Okay sweet, and with the CM Storm enforcer case, can i just tuck the unused cables in the lower HDD compartment because i will only use one slot.
  5. Interesting. All three models were introduced in 2010. All three were recommended. The Seasonic and the OCZ were recommended for mainstream use. The Antec was recommended for gaming. The recommendations were based on competent technical reviews published by sites that have the appropriate equipment and personnel to perform rigorous in depth testing and component analysis.

    Here is a link to a psu recommendation list I maintain:

    Scroll down to the 3 brands where you will find links to the reviews that you can read.
  6. Soo which would you reccommend for Under $100 on ?
  7. Or should i just go with a OCZ ModXstream 700w Pro modular psu?
  8. thumpin said:
    Or should i just go with a OCZ ModXstream 700w Pro modular psu? ;)
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