HD3650 plays video choppily

From what I have read in other threads, it ought to be able to

hardware specifications
intel pentium 4 2.80ghz (2cpus)
1.5gb ddr2 kingston RAM
ati powercolor hd 3650 agp 512mb
Latest drivers from ati website
winxp home pro
resolution im on is 1024 768

My problem is that when i go on facebook and play a video, for example
this link https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=165016186936815
i enable the HD mode and it becomes really choppy
I tried downloading the entire video and playing it with Quicktimebut its equally choppy, therefore wasnt buffering/broadband issues

Help, what is causing this?
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  1. I'm guessing it's your CPU... play the video and go into Task Manager(Ctrl-Alt-Delete)... Click on the 'Performance' Tab and see how much CPU/RAM is being used when playing back the HD video....
  2. Update Flash
    Update DirectX
    Update Browser

    If still not working Try this

    Edit: The following is for WindowsXP Not sure about Windows 7
    Right click desktop>Properties>settings>troubleshooting> Slide the slider all the way to the right.
  3. jdenova: 99%
    but that doesnt make sense. i saw in another tomshardware thread some guy had the same video card and crappier cpu and was doing 720 fine.

    and thanks brythespy but i think the issue is the CPU/RAM :)

    edit: ok its 55% if i predownload the mp4 and play in quicktime
    and its 100% fully maxed out in firefox, web streaming from FB
  4. Defiantly Install DirectX
  5. i already have dx 9.0c installed :X
  6. That card supports DirectX 10.1 install that. Also Try DirectX 11 it may be supported not sure
  7. CPU and RAM usage also depend on "background" programs that may be running. Just because your hardware is better doesn't mean you are guaranteed to run things better. May have to stop some programs from eating your CPU and RAM.

    So, when you playback in QuickTime it hits 55% but it's still choppy? What's the RAM at?

    Can you play it back using VLC?
  8. quicktime: 55% cpu 1gb ram
    VLC: 100% cpu 0.75gb ram
  9. Are you sure you're plugged into your GPU and not the integrated graphics?

    Also you can try running GPUZ to check the status on the GPU during playback. Specifically if it is changing clocks at all, and getting usage.
  10. hmmm, not sure... is it ONLY that particular HD video? Can you run/Download an HD video from another site?
  11. nope clock speeds doesnt change.
    seems like its being used.. fan speed utilisation goes from 2-4%
  12. Make sure GPU acceleration is enabled. Go to Youtube and pause a video. Right click on the video to get the contextual drop down menu. Click on Settings. Make sure the GPU acceleration is enabled, which is the only setting on the Display tab by the way. Once it's enabled restart your browser and try again.
  13. yup enabled it through youtube and brythespy's method
    youtube is fine for 480. 720 can get slightly choppy, but its much better than facebook or downloading the fb videofile
  14. Well that's all I got. Besides there's no point in you going above 720p since that's a resolution of 1280x720. Thus there is extra work with the video being downscaled to fit your resolution. Try to OC your CPU a little if it bothers you
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