Extended Monitor from Laptop is Blurry

When I connect a monitor and extend display the text on it is blurry.

I'm using a SONY VAIO VPCF136FM. This laptop has a 1600x900 native LED screen powered by NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M with D-SUB and HDMI output. I've tried two monitors. A Dell E207WFP 20.1'' LCD 1680x1050 native connected with D-SUB, and a HP 2311x 23'' LED Backlit cannot remember native but also connected with D-SUB.

I'm not sure if its just because the screen quality of this laptop is so nice that the adjustment of looking between it and another monitor is making my think its blurry but it is somewhat of a strain on the eyes to focus when I look over at text. I'm thought this might be the case, since I'm going from looking at LED to LCD, but when I connected the HP monitor and go from LED to LED it looks just as blurred.

The monitors look fine when connected to desktops which leads me to blame the laptop. Any ideas on what I could do to improve the quality of display? I've already tried tweaking monitor and TrueType settings.

Also a secondary question, can I have monitors active on the D-SUB and HDMI at the same time? Normally I would know the answer to this but if you could see the side of this laptop, plugging in a D-SUB cable just barely blocks the HDMI port IF I use the type of D-SUB connector which has the securing screws as the port on this laptop does not have this. Is this just because of the cable, or poor design, or because they're not meant to be in use simultaneously.
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  1. I agree with greghome. Probably wrong resolution. In lcd screens in general, all resolutions apart from the screen's native resolution look kinda blurry. As for the two screens at the same time, i don't think it's possible. You would have 3 active displays, wich is probably not supported gy the gpu.

    Another thing, is the quality and length of the vga cable. Long vga cables with no shielding and generally poor quality vga cables, have noticeably worse image quality than good ones. If you take a vga cable that has those cylindrical shielding magnets and remove them, you'll see what i mean :P
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