I5-3570k, i7-3770K, or i7-3770S for gaming build?

Hello all,
I'm an inexperienced builder (built my first one a year ago) and am having a hard time picking a CPU to complete my system, which is mainly for gaming and hopefully some video editing (although realistically i dont have a lot of time for video editing because of the gaming). I don't do much overclocking, but might do the research and do a little at some point. I've narrowed it to i5-3570k, i7-3770K, and i7-3770S. which would be best for gaming/everyday use? energy efficiency also matters to me.

MOBO: Sabertooth z77
Memory: Not bough yet, but 16gb likely
GPU: Geforce 670 (possibly sli later)
storage: 1 ssd, 1 hdd
power supply: seasonic x 750 80 plus gold

thanks in advance for all of your help - you all are great!
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  1. Core i5- 3570k

    Best bang for the buck, use the leftover money to buy CM HyperX Evo and OC it to 4.5 Ghz
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    Depends how much your budget is. Doing video editing an i7-3770k will be better, but if you're not doing too much video editing and your budget is lower go with the i5-3570k. Also overclocking is nice, just make sure you have an aftermarket CPU cooler that can handle the stress. (A CM hyper 212 plus/evo (evo is better) or if your budget allows a Noctua NH-D14 get one (run about $75-85)
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  4. why i say NO to ivy cpu's updated someone with NH-D14 the same cooler with me teried something i asked him to:

    the test terminated in 10 minutes no way these cpu's can work with heavy load as i predicted.
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