Msiz77a-gd-55 issue please help.

okay hello I'm still confused and i think i have done the bois update it was weird.... my boot always is USB i changed that to ssd but once it booted it said (something about invalid boot or partition then um i took my Usb out and hit the restart button it say's 1.4 like it supposed to on the web not sure if I have updated or messed it but it seems to be working right now ?
anyway's please check this

so what is it this time why does it give this error about ME8 ? and my igpu is only up to 256mb max ??? whne people can take it up to 1gb ? not only that yesterday it said somewhere 1762mb on this board what is it ?
please help cheers :)
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  1. anyone please ? tom's hardware please help you test every thing why can't someone replay ?
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