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Im student low cash

im really on a budget but i want to build adecent gamer pc. im looking ino getting a 4 way gpu mother board.i want to start out with 2 $90 dollar gpus then either buy a good $200dollar card so its 3 ways. is this possible or do i have to buy 4 of the same. ps i really want to take advantage of a new generation gpu eventually. thanxs guys!
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  1. :hello: chaos. Welcome to the forums.

    Not the best idea that I have seen this week, this month, this year.

    Except for the LGA1366 X58 motherboards, quad GPU boards average about $300 each. That alone should kill the idea.
  2. Quote:
    1. :heink: If you are truly a student with low budget, why the fudge are you looking into Quad-Fire motherboards?

    2. You're better off buying 1 single powerful GPU, than 4 weak ones and CFX them.

    3. What do you plan to do with your rig?

    4. CFX/SLI only works with certain GPUs. You cant randomly glue them together.

    5. What's your budget?

  3. You're not going to do 4-way crossfire on a budget, nope. There are some sub $200 AMD boards with enough slots though spacing is an issues if you're not using cards with single slot coolers. For a budget look for a board that can do 3-way CF max, like this

    ASRock 970 EXTREME4 $109.99

    Also keep in mind that crossfire does not always work properly in games with more than 2 cards. There can actually be a small decrease going from 3 to 4 GPUs (if there's any effect at all) if the game does not have a proper 4-way crossfire optimization. An LGA 1155 board for 3-way crossfire would be a little more expensive but might be worth it. What's your budget?
  4. tru thanx guys besids i just read about the heat issue i gues dual iss better but still exensive thanxs for your opinions wish you the best :)
  5. Go with a powerful single card over 2 mid-range. The hassle of CFX plus the power usage and heat isn't worth it with below x8xx cards.
  6. Vettedude said:
    Go with a powerful single card over 2 mid-range. The hassle of CFX plus the power usage and heat isn't worth it with below x8xx cards.


    The HD 7950 just came out and it looks great, or you could wait til March for an HD 7870. Both will be powerful, and better than two mid-range cards in Xfire.
  7. as i m also an student if i have that much of budget around $200 i will not get an hd 6870 i will get an hd 6850 because of its price and performance so for an gpu hd 6850 will be the best choice.:)
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    You should get this, then crossfire it later.
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  10. thanxs i now have this one help a newbie please! :lol:
  11. no way

    get a 6750

    much cheaper
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