UPS makes high pitch sounds when playing games.

i am having a problem with my UPS. it makes some high pitch sounds when i play games.

i have bought my new system just last week.
Intel core-i5 2320,
mainboard- intel DH67CL media series,
GPU- NVidia GEforce GTX 560 ti.
and im running on a 500W psu.

my ups makes these sounds and the LED turns red. This happens especially when i play games such as crysis2 , battlefield 3 etc on highest graphic settings . the sound stops when i quit the game.
is there any solution to this?
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  1. what model psu are you using?
  2. Sounds like The used power exeeded The UPS capacity, (Is it sound like warning buzz? check your UPS manual)

    What the model/type of the PSU and UPS ?
  3. the UPS which i am using is of my old PC :
    APC Back-UPS ES, 300 Watts / 500 VA, Input 120V / Output 120V .

    eXtreme Power Plus 500W - Cooler Master.

    If the UPS capacity is not high enough , can you pls suggest how much is required and what could be done to solve this problem?
  4. Hold on,
    I do not understand, is the UPS or PSU making the sound?

    -Under load it could just be a small high-rpm fan cooling it down.

    Either way however, your UPS looks like its a regular switch over, not an online UPS which means its running off the wall (as far as I know, I could be wrong) when not on battery power. The only way it can be overloaded as far as I know is if its running off battery.

    Moreover, under load, I doubt you are consuming 300watts of power with those specifications.
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    "my ups makes these sounds and the LED turns red." this that concern me. if there some warning led/signal turned on it usually a sign that it had problems somewhere..

    Don't forget PSU wattage is rated in output not the input.. 500watt PSU could easily suck 600watt from wall (UPS)..

    My suspect is 300watt is to low and it give u the warning (in high/intense game it will push the gpu, proc, etc to it's full power) , if u can read the manual it will give u the info what wrong...

    for ups brand I not know much but its better off with 600watt++ one (they are expensive) also check abut if your psu can accept sine/square wave....
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