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My ISP is cox cable in Tucson AZ. Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing multiple drops in connection speeds and lag within short periods of each other (ranging from 2-10 minutes apart) I have tried a tracert to and the first 10 results were 30-75ms with the final 20 timing out. Anytime we are downloading or watching live streaming or playing games online, our connection either slows and resets or completely goes out and reloads. I never have to reset anything, it just slows or stops for about 10 seconds then picks back up. I am looking for some tips on how i can troubleshoot and trace/record my findings so i can hopefully find a competent technical support person from cox and share useful data in order to solve these issues. (i have thus far found a unicorn, leprechaun, and honest politician...but still no intelligent technical support from cox.) i can follow directions well enough, but i am at a loss with general networking knowledge. most especially the data interpretation.
thanks in advance for the help,

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  1. I feel your pain brian I prety much have the exact same problem , my ISP is Charter and it started about 2 weeks ago and im at a loss as to where to find a remedy to my problem. If I found anything I would let you know.
  2. all the geeks and nerds that have years of experience and knowledge in the world, none of them know how to resolve this problem. i have spent days trying to find out how to fix the lag between router and comp, i have changed channels, firwall options, reset defaults, update network card, all the treatments and options they say on the internet, i have tried other filters, other routers diferent brands... my computer does not have the full 8MB speed instead it has barly 2MB, my laptop used to work fine, but 1 day after it turened the same as my main computer. what the hell is this *** so wierd that N-O-B-O-D-Y has the answer for it!?!?!?!??! god help us all..........................
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