Which i5 processor is best?

which i5 processor is best? I DON'T WANT TO OVERCLOCK AND NEED FOR GAMING
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  1. The most powerful i5 processors without any overclocking should be Intel Core i5-3570, not to be confused with the Intel Core i5-3570K which overclocks.
  2. it depends on your budget and requirements.
    core i5 2500k offers plenty of performance for its price. additional performance can be had by overclocking the cpu.
    core i5 2400 isn't bad either. it is partially unlocked and slightly slower than stock core i5 2500k.
    from ivy bridge core i5s - core i5 3450, 3470, 3550.
    if you can buy cpus from a microcenter, you can get core i5 2500k ($170) or 3450 ($150).
    for gaming, any of these core i5 will do. get the one closest to your set price range.
  3. Ha, well isn't it pretty obvious? Just get the one with the fastest clock. Technically that's the i5-3570k, but it's only 100 MHz faster than the 3550, so get that. Especially if you're not going to OC, you probably shouldn't get a sandy bridge (e.g. the i5-2500).
  4. jhonsm007 said:
    which i5 processor is best? I DON'T WANT TO OVERCLOCK AND NEED FOR GAMING

    Sandy Bridge platform, get the i5-2500. But for Ivy Bridge, get either the i5-3550 or i5-3570.
  5. yeah. since non k (partially locked) core i5 cannot be overclocked as much as the unlocked k series cpus, it is better to get the the one with higher stock clockrate. however, if the partially locked cpu's price is too close to the unlocked k series one, then the unlocked one would be better for gaming.
  6. i want to buy i5 processor and my budget 11,000 indian rupee($190 approx.)
    need this cpu for gaming and don't want overclock. tell me cpu for this (dont tell me i5 2500k however this my last choice :( )
  7. buy a i5 2400 or 2310 or something. All those i5s are pretty good.
  8. The best i5 cpu are the new core i5 ivy bridge processors. For what I have heard the i5 3470 is pretty good for its money but how will you use it ? For gaming or photo/video rendering ?
  9. i want to buy i5 proc. which is best one budget is INR 11,000 and dont want to overclock.
    need for gaming 720p.
    gpu gtx 550 ti.
  10. If you don't want to overclock


    If you do want to overclock:


    SB runs cooler from what I hear, but your not OC so the IB will be good for you.

    "Ivy Bridge's temperatures are reportedly 20°C higher compared to Sandy Bridge when overclocked, even at default voltage setting"

    "5% to 15% increase in CPU performance"
    "25% to 68% increase in integrated GPU performance"
  11. ^^

    Those are both overclockable processors! :heink:

    Best route is going with an i3-2120.
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    Which i5 processor is best?
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