Feedback would be very appreciated; crashing issue =/.

I have a crashing issue. Basically, whenever I play a certain game lately I experience a crash that completely stalls the system to the point of the only solution being a reboot. Three days ago I reformatted my HDD assuming that lacking to do so initially after rebuilding/replacing my computer's hardware (CPU, mobo, RAM) was causing this crashing issue. Up until twenty minutes ago I thought it solved the problem. What's interesting is that the crash this time around leaves the display to my monitor going - where as before the reformat the crash caused the display to go dark. After a fresh format, and a clean OS install - onto a completely different partition - I'm inclined to think that it isn't a HDD issue. Starting to suspect my GPU now, my hardware specs are as follows:

Mobo -
GPU (I believe this to be the model, but it's a 8800GTX regardless) -

Mentioned game - Starcraft 2

Apologies in advance for being lazy with the links as references. I've played a number of other games, for lengthy periods, without any kinds of issues let alone this type of crash. I've lowered my graphic options as a desperate move, but that hasn't changed anything either. Ultimately, is there a way I can record the crash? A log of some kind, that I can refer to after the reboot to get a more detailed break down of what happened? Any other suggestions/opinions are more than welcome, and I'd be happy to answer any relevant questions any of you may have - thanks in advance.
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  1. What did you change recently? Did you JUST start playing that game? Any new hardware? Did you say you got a new CPU/Mobo/RAM? Sound card?
  2. What PSU do you have?
  3. what is your psu name and model also could you try another graphic card
  4. +1 clarkjd , what's your psu.

    Also I would download to check and might give you indication on what's happening.

    How old is your video card?

    The computer crasher only in starcraft 2 ?

    most of the time this kind of problem is related to overheating or bad psu.

    Have you monitored your temps ?

    Also you can check you hard drive health with hard disk sentinel trial

    good luck
  5. Question.... why would a bad PSU only cause his PC to crash in 1 game? Wouldn't he see crashes at other times?... seriously... PSU does not seem likely (to me). But it would help to have your PSU specs.

    EDIT - Not trying to sound like an a$$.
  6. trying to see if the system was under powered when he play that game, @jdenova007 no offense more heads are better than one to help him
  7. scout_03 said:
    trying to see if the system was under powered when he play that game, @jdenova007 no offense more heads are better than one to help him

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