Hard Drive Swap HDD Light OFF!!!

Ok so a while a go me and my brother switched hard drives cause I had the better computer but it wouldnt boot up or anything on mine. After that I built a monster computer which is amazing. But I came back to see and I plug everything in though ive come to the conclusion that the HDD LIGHT IS OFF . I boot up no beeps nothing wrong power lights on the HDD light is off and I think this is why there was no monitor signal and I remember that light always being on when it booted up. is there any way to fix this or did I screw it up?

Sincerely, Andrew Anderson
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  1. the harddrive would have nothing to do with the monitor. You can post without one. Make sure you are connected to the GPU not the motherboard and its power connectors are plugged in
  2. Well let me ask you I had a GPU but i put it in monster computer you think the onboard is not working for some reason?
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