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First off, sorry if this is the wrong section. It seemed relative to my problem, thus I posted this here.

My laptop (Click here for Specs!) has a problem with the screen. On the right hand side of my screen, there is a column about 2 - 3 inches which is white with different colour lines running through it and a block of black.

I don't know what caused this as I had the screen replaced in about November of last year. I can still use it for everyday things such as social networking and reading articles online but it is becoming an inconvenience that I can not view anything when opened in a full window. Films are particularly annoying to try and watch as I can't have them full screen. I can no longer play games like Football Manager either, which is particularly disappointing as I've not long had this game.

My first thought was perhaps I have accidentally stood on my laptop thus causing this on the screen. After reconsideration, I concluded that this isn't plausible as the column is perfectly straight and there is no crack like markings on the screen.

Alas my next thought, maybe a wire has come loose behind the screen of the laptop? I'm not sure as I've not looked and I have no experience with opening up laptops. I've looked at videos online on how to do it but thought I would ask here where, without a doubt, you guys would have more knowledge on the subject than me. If this was a desktop it would be a whole lot easier as I have a lot of experience with them and the maintenance of them too.

If you can give me any clues as to what the problem might be and/or how to solve it, it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Have you tried to adjust the screen resolution (desktop properties, Settings tab)?
  2. Inconclusive said:
    a column about 2 - 3 inches which is white with different colour lines running through it and a block of black.

    Right there it sounds like a dead screen (LOTS of dead/dying pixels). Could be a major driver error, or a GPU overheat, but my guess is a dead screen.

    I'm sure you'll want to try everything you can, so you will want to download the Guru3D Driver Sweeper ( and then wipe all of the drivers on your system (Make sure you have backups of important ones like your wifi card just in case Windows can't install a stock driver for it). After your wipe, reboot and reinstall your graphics driver and see what happens.

    If it really is an overheated chip (Which i doubt) you can leave it off for a few days, but the damage will most likely already have been done.

    Could also be a RAM issue. Run memtest86+ several times over to see (Overnight is always better).

    (Edit) But before you go to such extremes you should try to adjust the screen rez like treefrog mentioned. Kinda slipped my mind there.
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