How can I get this Acrylic Clean Side Window?


I want haf 932 transparent acrylic Clean side window panel for Haf932 Like this one:

were to get one Like this? i search for Ebay with No Luck

I don't Like the Ugly Lines that come with Haf932 side window panel

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  1. Its called case modding.

    you cut the side covers, roll the cut edges, attach acrylic windows.
  2. Simple, buy a new piece of acrylic and cut to size, then drill the holes out for mounting to your case
  3. Case Mod Basics: Case Window Install Video

    You can buy the clear plexi-glass at any hardware store.
  4. can get it done on ebay if in the uk

    done properly with cnc

    listing is for cosmos 2 but they can do any case if you message them

    be cheaper to do it yourself but depends if you have the right tools and the skills to use them
  5. Hi

    can the one in ebay Also Change the Steel Mish window with acrylic window but i want it with holes to install the same 230mm Side Fan in the same place?

    will I send my side window panel or he will send me a new side window panel?!

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    his listing says

    price includes a piece of acrylic CNC cut to shape and fitted inside the panel for the ultra clean look.

    so would think they could just cut you a piece of acrylic to fit and should be able to do the fan holes as well if using cnc

    think they could do it without needing your side panel--just the measurements as your case already has the hole

    message them on ebay and ask them if they can do what you want
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