Can i get any more performance out of my build?

This is what i have...

Windows 7 64bit
Phenom II x6 1100T Black Edition @ 4ghz
Asus Sabertooth 990FX
Corsair Vengance 16gb 1600 DDR3 ( 4x4gb )
eVGA GTX 580
Corsair GT 120GB SSD 6gb/s
Western Digital 7200 750GB HDD
850w PSU

I know i could overclock the GPU but all i play is BF3 and i already get enough crashes when i dont try to overclock by 1mhz at a time lol. I could upgade the cpu but i honestly feel my x6 will outperform the BD any day of the week. Or i could even add another 580. I think i may be at the limit of my build...?
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  1. I think you're good man. I mean you COULD put another 580 in there, but honestly, I would be happy with that build.
  2. Ok one more thing, when i play bf3 i am not really getting the fps i am seeking, i am getting from approx 45. I dont run any unneeded aps while i play. And my game also crashes. It will somewhat stutter, and if anyone knows what i mean by skybox, the ground will disappear and show just the skybox and the game. No error message or driver crashed or anything. Just ea saying your game has been disconnected for some reason.... Directx is updated, drivers are updated, no bsod or anything i can pick out. Any thoughts?
  3. Just because you can o/c your CPU and GPU to their limits or near limits doesn't mean they will run all games smoothly. Back off the o/c a bit on the CPU a bit and see if anything changes. It will have less effect on FPS than the GPU. If no help, back off the GPU clock a bit.
    Happens to me in Shogun2 if I try to clock too much and don't dismiss Shogun2, it's a GPU card eating bitch!
  4. you got a build similar to mine (read specs in signature). But the only really upgrade you can do is a GTX 670 or 670 ti when they release.....or a GTX 680:). but your build is good but how much vram does your 580 have because a game running out of vram can cause it to lagg to the point of crashing
  5. you could get a lower end PCIe SSD for the OS in it that would speed up all the OS functions also if you put the game onto the PCIe SSD then the game will load quicker. IF you can try lowering the latencies on the DDR3 to CAS 9, 8 or 7 that should put out a little more performance though raising it to 1866MHz or above will be more noticeable in a game. for the CPU i would recommend a Sandy Bridge CPU as per the benchmarks on Tom's say they are much better then what you have but that would require a replacement of your system board as well and i am unsure you would want that.
    Now on the software side you could try turning off all those extra in Windows 7 for example the sidebar and Aero as they consume hardware time even when not being seen. Then just run a performance enhancing program like iobit systemcare or some such and it should be going a little faster but your rig is plenty fast enough for most things.
  6. A PCIe SSD? I've never heard of this.

    Changing CPU's requires a new mobo/cpu, but that combo should be okay for now.
  7. gary1 said:
    A PCIe SSD? I've never heard of this.

    Changing CPU's requires a new mobo/cpu, but that combo should be okay for now.

    Yeh they make them. I prefer just to put one in my drive rack though because I don't like having anything under my graphics card.

    But as far as your system goes buddy I think its great. Back off your CPU overclock and make sure its several hours prime95 stable. Also if its saying you've been disconnected it could be an ethernet connection problem. Unless your computer is freezing or BSOD then I would link it to your CPU or RAM.
  8. I think i actually figured out the issue. The 580 was only going to about 50% fan speed when i am playing bf3 so i set a custom rule to when the gpu memory goes past 512mb ( if i remeber correctly ) it kicks the fan on to 85% witch its max. This way when im not playing it wont rev up and cause unneeded noise, and when i do it kicks it up and keeps everything cool. Also i noticed the NB was not in a temp range i was comfortable with, so i set the cpu to go 100% to give a little extra air movement when i game also ( i have 7x 120mm fans... ). This seemed to fix the bf3 crash and havent had a problem so far. I plan on just upgrading to liquid cooling little by little starting with a single loop cpu then a single loop on the 580. I just wish they had waterblocks for my motherboard
  9. Good work buddy glad everything is running better for you.
  10. btw I suggest if your going for water cooling, go and install it all at the same time less hassle. well it's just me but for the extra time I would just frag someone in BF3
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