Are this temps ok for a 2500k?

Hi, i just changed my old Cooler Master V8 to a new Noctua d14, which i thought was better, but i dont see any improvements in the temps.

This is my rig:
Case: Cooler Master storm trooper.
Motherboard: Asus z68 v-pro gen3.
Processor: Intel i5 2500k.
Memory: Kingstom 8gb ddr3.
Heatsing: Noctua d14.

The thermal compound i use is noctua nt-h1(which i think is no bad).
Here i have 28℃-30℃ ambient temperature.

And the temperatures of the i5 2500k(stock-no overclock)in idle are:

Core 1: 32-38℃
Core 2: 32-38℃
Core 3: 36-42℃(this core is always hotter than the others)
Core 4: 30-36℃

And for load are:

Core 1: 55-60℃
Core 2: 55-60℃
Core 3: 60-65℃
Core 4: 55-60℃

Are this temperatures ok for a stock 2500k at this ambient temperature.
Thanks and regards
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  1. those temps are abosutely fine
  2. Thanks for the reply, i think with this ambient temperature that temps are fine, but why both heatsinks(cm v8 and noctua d14) have the same performance? I thought noctua were better
  3. Keep it below 70. your temps are absolutely fine. no need to worry about. :)
  4. Yes you are compleatly fine. Those temps are no where near dangerous or maxing out the thermal juntion.
  5. I'll give ya my son's "1st day" 2600k load temps for comparison (Thermalright Silver Arrow w/ Shin Etsi TIM) .... the 2600k runs about 7C hotter at 4.7Ghz

    Stock 51,53, 53, 51 (1.224) LLC = Auto

    So you're running about 12C hotter than his CPU at stock.

    Here's other temps at various OCs for reference.

    4.0 Ghz 52, 54, 55, 52 (1.016-1.024) LLC = Auto
    4.2 GHz 54, 56, 57, 55 (1.256 - 1.264) LLC = Auto
    4.4 Ghz 56, 60, 60, 67 (1.280 - 1.288) LLC = Auto
    4.6 Ghz 62, 66, 68, 65 (1.360 - 1.368) LLC = High
    4.8 Ghz 71, 77, 79, 72 (1.408 - 1.416) LLC = Ultra High*

    * again, these are 1st day ..... we got these down to a bout 67 - 75 max with a bit of tweaking and TIM curing.

    He's seeing at 4.4 Ghz about what you seeing at stock ..... but what's your room temp.....this was done about 70 - 72 F
  6. I get 37c at idle 55c load using stock Intel cooler - i5 2500k at stock speed (3.3GHz). Noctua stuff is meant for quiet cooling, but ought to be better than stock Intel cooler.
  7. There's other factors involved in determining the effectiveness of the CPU cooler - like the proximity of other devices that generate heat, and the direction of the generated hot air travel inside the case.
  8. JackNaylorPE said:

    4.8 Ghz 71, 77, 79, 72 (1.408 - 1.416) LLC = Ultra High*

    Pretty good for an aircooler!

    My 4.8ghz 2600K on water gets load temps of roughly 63C, but that's with a TON of voltage.
  9. In the future i would like to overclock a little(4.2ghz), in winter we have about 16-20C room temperature, i think with this noctua d14 i can do it, or not?

    And other thing, my voltage is in auto, and i see is about 0.90 to 1.12, if i put the voltage in manual with more voltage i will get better temps?
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