Dad's computer freezes at 1:00 AM EVERYDAY!

Me and my brother are completely stumped on this problem. The computer freezes at exactly 1:00AM every single day, and after that, everything is super sluggish.

No Antivirus is set to scan at 1:00AM, it's really weird.

AMD Phenom 9850 Quad
GeForce 8500 GT
Asus M4A79 motherboard
LG Blu-Ray
Random DVD Drive
2 HDD's.

Anybody have any ideas? I'm stumped.
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  1. Lol I have a weird feeling it might be automatic Updates windows carries out...

    Check out it's settings , how is it set up...?
  2. That or a defrag or other scheduled maintenance
  3. i'd check to see when your antivirus has a scheduled full scan too
  4. Not home at the moment, will post up info later. But like I said, I've checked the obvious one, antivirus scans, and no scheduled scans. I'll check auto updates however.
  5. windows update schedule . Check for updating in control panel . You can change the time

    Also tell your dad that staying up to 1 am each night is not good for his health and he should get some sleep
  6. ^Hes not up - that's why he schedules tasks then on his computer - he's in bed sleeping.;-0
  7. I'm almost certain it's a scheduled system task that's causing the problem. Not necessarily an update - that's just one of several dozen possible events that could fall under the general category of system tasks.

    Go to the Start menu and type "task scheduler" in the search bar. Open the task scheduler and take a look at the list of Active Tasks. See what's scheduled for 1:00 AM in the "triggers" column, and you'll probably narrow it down to one or two possibilities. I do think a hard drive defrag is one of the things that is typically scheduled at 1:00 AM by default, so that definitely sounds familiar.
  8. Probably like they have said Scheduled system updates or a defrag running or any Ani-Virus doing scan can be the source.
  9. Thanks guys, I found a System Restore task that may explain the slowdown. I've disabled it, we can only wait and see tonight :P
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