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Is there any simple way to print a single post? I'm working on a new build, and I wanted to print out "How to Ask for New Build Advice", Proximon's "A Guide to Choosing Parts", and Tecmo34's "Recommended Builds by Usage". I realize most posts aren't that long, but it's easier for me to read multiple pages on paper rather than a screen.

The only way I could figure out to print just the post was to copy-paste into a Word document. Am I missing something about how to print?
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  1. What you are doing is not "The wrong way" at all. You can also press Ctrl + P to print everything you see on the page while looking at it in your browser. Your way is more efficient and uses less ink.
  2. You can highlight the parts that you want to print. Then go to File-->print-->and choose to print the selected portion. It will only print what you have selected.
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