GTX 560 ti vs HD 6870 2GB

To upgrade my rig from a HD 5750 which would be the best option a GTX 560 Ti 1GB or a HD 6870 2GB (know where to get both for roughly the same price with the 6870 being slightly cheaper).

I usually overclock my GPU (did it with the 5750 because it wasn't providing enough power to play BF3 ).

My specs are:

X4 955 @ 3.8ghz



1080p monitor

My motherboard has no SLI/Crossfire support but I may upgrade to an Ivy bridge motherboard which does in a couple of years.

So in essence should I go for more power or more vram?
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  1. 560ti, only get 2gb of vram if you are above 1080p
  2. But what about in a couple of years if I want to XFire the 6870's?
  3. 560ti is faster, but BF3 is said to be starved of graphics memory @ 1080p with Ultra and msaa.
    Then again, I guess neither of those cards can render Ultra /w msaa @ 1080p at 60 frames per second consistently enough to make that config matter.
  4. sli 560ti outperforms cf 6870
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