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Pls help will opterons perform well for 3d rendering i am planning to buy it
intralagos opteron 6272 Dual.???
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  1. Does your OS and app support dual processors? its not the same as dual (or more) cores.

    In general yes it will perform well provided your software can fully use 16 cores.
  2. Yes 3ds max vray supports 32 core it will use all 32 core for render but how fast it will perform as compare to phenom my phenom is taking 40 mins to renderout 1 frame how much time the opteron should take to render the frame ?? can u tell me the tentative time
  3. what phenom do you have?
  4. ok lets say you have a phenom2 x6 @ 3.2 and that takes 40 minutes.
    so at 2.1ghz it would take about 60 minutes.
    Since bulldog is slower than phenom2 it "might" take a 6 core 70 minutes but you would have 6 times as many cores so 70/6 is roughly 11 minutes and then add in some overhead so a rough guess would be 15 minutes or so. Other factors come into play also in Vray. You might want to post in a vray forum if anyone has the setup you are interested in and you both can run a sample render and compare.

    Keep in mind that in general, newer xeon's do better and the i7-3930k is no slouch either.

    edit - And I hope you didnt mean you have a phenom1 instead of 2's.
  5. i have phenom 965 oc to 4.ghz .
  6. Thanks a ton for your reply. :)
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