Year old Lexmark printer wont work with windows 8

Year old Lexmark Pro901 printer wont work with new technology (windows 8) Lexmark is not computer savvy. Don't buy Lexmark Printers if you intend to upgrade your network
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  1. Hi,
    I am assuming you are asking for help and have already completed the standard setup of a printer:
    1. Connect to power point
    2. Connect to computer or router using a USB or Ethernet cable
    3. Start up all computers that will be using the printer
    4. Install printer drivers:
    a. Manually - Insert included CD into drive, autorun, follow prompts, repeat on next machine
    b. Over network - Push installer out to PCs over network, then run installers

    Note that most printers should be able to work without their drivers (e.g. Canon printers are plug&play and rely on windows default drivers). If your Lexmark doesn't work straight out, and will not work with default drivers or drivers from CD, it may be faulty. This is not surprising.

  2. Lexmark printer will work with window 8, You can get best solution I-855 52I3 43I4
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