Best graphic card for gigabyte m68mt-s2

can you advice me the best but not very expensive graphic card to this mother board? I bay on ebay unit VIBOX QC-20 AMD PHENOM x4 QUAD CORE 3.3 1TB HDD 8GB DDR3 RAM DESKTOP COMPUTER PC but some of my game don't work and I have read I shoulld get some extra graphic card but I have some trouble to find the cerect one, can U help me? Please?
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  1. Well I wasn't able to find what PSU was included with that computer but the most you are going to be able to run without upgrading your PSU is a AMD 6670 which will run you about $100 USD. What country do you live in? (Just looked at your username)
  2. try buying a 6670, if you want better performance you'd upgrade your power supply.

    with a budget of $200 you can get a gpu more powerful than the 6670.
  3. K just found a few 6670s on some UK sites

    Stay away from the DDR3 versions.

    If you're willing to upgrade power supplys look into something with higher performance like a AMD 6850/6950 or Nvidia 560ti
  4. THX so much for help I will try first the card which do not need from me to upgrade my PC, For some time I will stay with this option and then when I will get bit tired then I will start upgrading, once again much thx for advice. Any more of tips then please let me know. Yes I live in UK
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