Is HD4200 good for 1024x768 and lower gaming?

Hello, so I have an HD4200 IGP that I use on my computer mainly for office productivity and hd video watching/the occasional non-HD video converting. However, I also sometimes (very infrequently) play moderately-intensive (eg. DIRT3, Skryim) games at 1024x768 or lower (800x600 for many of the more graphically-intense games). So, I was wondering whether an HD4200 would suffice, or if an upgrade is required. Since I have a 250Watt power supply, AMD Athlon ii x4 645, and 6GB Memory, I don't think my PSU can handle anything above an HD5450. With this in mind, do you suggest that I put in an HD5450 for just stay at the HD4200 (since it would generate less heat, quieter). Bear in mind that I only play games very seldomly, and they are mainly RPGs, and so are not graphically-intensive like FPSs. Thanks!
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  1. The HD4200 will struggle with those games and so will a HD5450, HD5570 or 6570 are known to run on modern 250watt PSU's, even HD6670 has total system load under 200watts here
  2. the hd 4200 will not be able to play those games effectively at all even on low. If you check the exact psu and the max power draw from the 12v rail you might be able to get a 6570 or 5670 to play those games.
  3. The 4200 might run Half Life 2/Far Cry/Doom 3, but anything current gen is beyond it's capabilities...

    ...unless you are a big fan of Myst (joke that no one will get).
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