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Hello everyone, been awhile since I posted to this forum. I am in the process of upgrading my system with certain new components. My present system is as follows:

AMD Phemom II X4 965 3.4g
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5830 1GB GDDR5
G.Skill Ripjaw-1600 2x4GB
Corsait HX750W
WD Caviar 750GB HD
Plextor DVD Optical drive
Corsair Graphie series-600T

Now I'm going to do my upgrade in two phases. The first being purchasing a new video card. I'm looking at purchasing a Sapphire HD 7850 and an additional 8GB of G.Skill ram (They are really cheap these days). The next phase would involve the purchasing of a new motherboard preferably an ASUS. The sabertooth looks like a winner. However, I'm stuck at which CPU should I purchase. I prefer buying AMD cpu, but which one. I'm really into gaming and would like to future proof my system for the next 2 years. Would like any advise from the community if I'm going in the right direction.
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  1. if amd is as far as you want to upgrade i would say you have the perfect cpu as is. otherwise it looks good. except, can you even use 16gb of ram? do you run virtual machines or something?
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