Holy smokes batman! (GPU Frame issue)

Alright, so all of a sudden i went from maxing out batman on max to a drop to 1-5 fps, heaven has been crashing, furmark reads 11 frames per sec. I'm unsure what has just happened I have been running 2 SLI GTX 580 3GB @ 1038v - 860 Mhz/1720 - 2004 memory clock fine since i built the rig last xmas. I was wondering if anyone else has had a sudden and dramatic shift in performance with this card or any. I have unclocked my cards and now batman crashes upon loading. Furmark only went up a few frames. Things also seem to load slower.

Things ive done in past 2 days:
Installed and used TuneUp Utilities
switched from MSI Afterburner to EVGA Prcision
Downloaded windows update (unsure what)
Downloaded new Nvidia drivers

Only thing that seems to not be goin bad is FFXIV, it still works fine.

any help would be appriciated.
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  1. What are the rest of your system specifications, especially the PSU?
  2. Sorry I also forgot to ask if you've tried running the games with only one of the cards. Also, what are the temperatures during gaming?
  3. Can you explain to me a couple things?

    How is it's clocks and voltages in relation to stock? Since I don't know stock values.

    Also, can you define what you mean by "unlocked" the 580?

    Generally speaking, I'd recommend undoing any overclocks on your system and restarting from stock.
  4. Also, can you define what you mean by "unlocked" the 580? - I ment unclocked

    im using an XFX 1250W PSU, rest my specs r in the sig. My temps r pretty decent they never rly go over 70c, 75 at the very most. and stock settings is like 750mhz/1500, and core voltage is stock 1025. memory clock is stock 2004. I seem to be running fine now, I have no clue what happened im afraid it will happen again tho. cuz that shudnt be normal.

    edit: havent tried single cards..not sure if sli makes cards work less hard(?) but when i do swap to 1 card in the past with the over-clock my temps go higher each then when i SLI
  5. Well maybe it was the overclock but might have just been some wierd background *** going on lol.

    Also, "unclocked" lol. My bad, although to be fair to myself, unclocked is a bit of a wierd term to use.
  6. yeah seems fine now. If all else fails ill restore back a few days.
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