Windows 7 and asus 6950 directcu ii wont show 120hz

just bought a samsung s23a700d which suppose to be 120hz and i cant change it in windows 7 or ccc i have a asus 6950 2gb directcu ii should this card be able to do 120hz im using dvi-d to dvi-d whats the problem ive been trying for 4 hours lol
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  1. You need a dual-link DVI cable for that task. You must make sure to connect it to the Dual-link output on the card.
  2. I have dvi-d to dvi-d that is dual link
  3. As Sunius stated, you need to make sure to connect it to the dual-link output on the card. I believe the DirectCU II 6950 has 2 DVI ports, only 1 of which is dual-link. Make sure you connect it to the right one.

    Also, DVI-D doesn't mean that it's dual-link. There are dual-link DVI-I cables and single-link DVI-D cables. Make sure yours is dual-link.
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